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Mitä on GYROTONIC®️ -metodi?

Päivitetty: 11. lokak. 2022

Pyysin ohjaajaamme Nitaa kertomaan tarkemmin, mitä on GYROTONIC®️ hänen vetämänään. Tässä on Nitan kuvaus metodista sekä itsestään:

The GYROTONIC EXPANSION SYSTEM®️is a unique, holistic approach to movement. Some of the benefits of a regular Gyrotonic practice include a healthier, more supple spine, increased range of motion, greater joint stability, improved agility and athletic performance and a deep internal strength. Experienced Gyrotonic trainers offer personalized sessions that are adapted to fit the needs of all ages and abilities from elderly patients recovering from injury, to highly skilled professional athletes.


The Gyrotonic Method is an original and unique movement method that addresses the entire person by opening energy pathways, stimulating the nervous system, increasing range of motion, and improving strength and movement efficiency. With Gyrotonic exercises, each movement flows into the next, allowing the joints to move through a natural range of motion without jarring or compression. These carefully crafted sequences create balance, efficiency, strength and flexibility.


People from all walks of life take Gyrotonic classes, including fitness enthusiasts, senior citizens, accomplished athletes, and people recovering from an injury or dealing with a disability. Gyrotonic exercises help athletes improve their performance, and rehabilitation clients recover more quickly and fully post injury.


MengYao (Nita) is a certified Gyrotonic Trainer who has been working with many Gyrotonic master trainers those years. Due to her years of dancing and international working background, she is able to comprehend Gyrotonic method well and even in a more artistic way. She loves to help the clients to achieve the best they could. Therefore, besides helping the clients to recover or strengthen their bodies, she also lead them to experience and find out the inner pretty of oneself, eventually shouting loud with beautiful and powerful Gyrotonic flows. “When you believe that you are able to explore your own body through Gyrotonic methods, then you will even be able to grow this powerful energy in every cell of your body. Move with me and enjoy, at least, you will have a relaxing session for a stressing day. “ - said by Nita.

GYROTONIC-metodin löydät osana PostFix-kurssia PilateSM-studiolla 4.10.2022 alkaen!

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