Something about me

MENGYAO WANG (NITA) – A Certified GYROTONIC®️ TRAINER, Amature Dancer, Business Developer, and Communication Professional. 

My life is my best coach and it never stops cultivating my little brain and heart. 

I have studied in China, The Netherlands, France, and also lived a while in New Zealand. I speak Chinese, English,  little Finnish and Dutch. I love dancing, singing, painting, designing, styling, cooking and traveling. My life can be vivid, peaceful and artistic. I have been open-minded for all kinds of cultures and skills, and this is why I consider myself as a very resourceful woman. 

Why do I choose GYROTONIC® Methods?

I will always remember how painful my back was after years of working in the office. Luckily, after my first official training course, I was able to practice GYROTONIC ® Method by myself and recover myself everyday after the regular job as a manager.  In order to understand how GYROTONIC ® Method applied in the hospital, I even flew to Germany, the GYROTONIC® European Headquarter, and witnessed how the Master trainer uses this GYROTONIC® Method to help with mid-aged client’s yearly back pain. We stayed there only for a week, and of course nothing likes magic. But that trip made me realize the values of being a good GYROTONIC® Trainer. From that point, the continuous learning GYROTONIC® Method from masters all around the world starts. 

Why love GYROTONIC ® Method?  ”It is my life – changer.”

1. Suitable for all-age ranged people.

It is easy to start with and it has a wide range of levels which satisfy all kinds of exercising needs, including strengthening the spine, bones, joints, muscles, keeping fit and even can help with dancing and other professional injuries.

2. Feel one’s  body, energy and mind better.

It is the most beautiful and integrated exercise I have seen and it can wake the deep pretties, confidence, and the potential abilities of one’s body. Since the founder of GYROTONIC ® Method is an extraordinary ballet dancer, all GYROTONIC ® Equipment are designed as refined as this method. It starts from mat, then later on equipment, so it is truly friendly to the human body system.

3. The living legendary man, the living method. 

1After using GYROTONIC ® Method recovered his own body, Juliu Horvath, the founder  of GYROTONIC ® Method has been improving this method for more than 30 years. Practicing this method is enjoyable. Instead of consuming energy, it generates energy.

 He is also an inspirational and strict trainer. I remember the italian master told me he is so simple and always wears the same shoes, same outfit, but his body, mind and course, can be always so magnificent and profound. As a GYROTONIC ® trainer, it is a luxury to be able to attend the founder’s course now. Sometimes, we have to wait for years. 

What is the aim of my class?

Usually one on one class goals would be much more precise, and I am not only aiming at helping the clients to achieve their goals, such as better body shape, losing weight, relieving the pain, strengthening the bones and mobilizing the joints and etc, but also building up the confidence of the client, guiding them explore the deep comfortableness of their bodies with GYROTONIC® Method .

I love to add different music into the movement, which perfectly creates the universal language while practicing with the clients. Sometimes, I also combine dancing movements to the class with the oriental music. The founder of GYROTONIC® Method has absorbed  lots of Chinese Taichi, Yoga elements while creating this method. Therefore, with my dancing background, I am able to comprehend and merge those elements into my classes. 

Besides the method itself, the energy flow of the trainer will make the training effect vary a lot.It is never just about copying the movement in the class but moving together and moving towards the way one truly wants, and in the end, it should feel solid and alive. 

In a nutshell, the aim of my class will be –

– Generate your hidden energy pump and enrich the connections among your bones, muscles, and veins.  

“Gyrotonic exercise sequences are composed of spiraling, circular movements, which flow together seamlessly in rhythmic repetitions with corresponding breathing patterns. Each movement flows into the next, allowing the joints to move through a natural range of motion without jarring or compression. These carefully crafted sequences create balance, agility, strength and flexibility.” – official website 2

“The ultimate aim is to be at home in one’s body, to be at one with the nature of oneself, and to experience exercise as a creative and delightful experience.”


In my own comprehension and experience, I would say it is a method that enables me to move more freely. And I find it more enjoyable because I can match the movements with musical or breathing rhythms so well that it almost feels like dancing, but is not yet all. The more I practice, the more I know my own abilities of moving. It is so integrated and powerful in the way that everybody can find a part which truly belongs to themselves.  Perhaps I can summarize it as:

  • Make you move artistically, as if you are the top dancer of the world. 
  • Make you feel so young, as if you were just born, so much to grow and learn. 
  • Make you understand how to sort and reconnect your body and enhance it. 

In the end, I realized that the healthiest body is never about the height, the weight or the sizes. A 50 years old big beer-belly GYROTONIC® Master trainer can move better than a 20ish years old girl. A 70 years old master trainer can wear shorts and a t-shirt in the cold winter time whereas I , a young lady, needed woolen socks, thick pants and sweaters. So in Germany, I felt that It is about how I am able to make use of  my body and my mind to achieve endless happiness and a matter of how much I am willing to give time and practice with this method. I am a trainer but I will also be learning and keep exploring my own body. I still can’t dance like when I was 16 but I will be working towards it. The key of the method is to find the rhythm of one’s body while moving. And the trainer is guiding and growing at the same time with the clients as well. 3

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